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Toy Boxes

First off, an apology. I haven’t written in almost a month. Holy Fuck. I know.

There have been a few things going on in my life. The first being I finally got my diagnosis for RA. Fuck. Now I want my monkey butler, and to change the name to “impending vampirism” Yes. I am ripping off The Bloggess. I don’t care. I want them. Today has been one of the “very bad” days. The days when my daughter wants to go swimming and I am so bloated and in pain that I feel like Josey the Outlaw Whale.

And then. So now that I am coming to terms with this. I feel like I could write again, I applied for a job at Edens Fantasies. I could -so- review dildos. Or…sex swings or what ever it is. It would be a hoot.

Well not a “job” more ….I want to review dildos okay? It would be great at dinner parties.

“So Lori, what do you do?”

“well this week I sold HBO to countless strangers, and wrote about a hot pink vibrator that glows in the dark and is water proof”.


I want to do this at Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunts. (pronounced AUNT not ANT in this case).

I wrote over at my -other- blog in the mean time, about toy boxes.

I don’t know how to link to it, or I would. But essentially it deals with the sexual aspect of life, and depression.

I just reread it. Mother of Zeus…I must have either been in a very dark place, or thinking about 50 shades of grey. Which I have not read, nor will I. (I am SO not going there) I do need to sleep some times.

oh! speaking of that. (The update side of things).


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