Wants, Interests, and Needs

This I don’t really know how to start, finish or even write.


Ever since Richard left me for Sarah, although they both say I left because I was the one to move out, I have tried to figure out what I looked for in a partner. Male, or female? White, Black, Orange? Age range? All of this was vastly confusing to me. I am realizing that I want to find someone who makes me laugh at myself. That I am able to have an open conversation with, without feeling like  I am worthless. That I can spout off my insane ideas with, and not have them mock me.


That happens so often.




From there, I want someone who will watch stupid shows with me, not make me feel stupid when I don’t get something. Won’t mock me when I am not as smart as they are. I want someone who when I am sick understands that lemons, with salt usually make me feel better.

I want the package. I don’t so much care I’ve decided race, sex, or anything. I want someone who understands I may just dye my hair bright red, for the hell of it. I want someone who might dye THEIR hair bright red, just for the hell of it. who spontaneously says “fuck it we are going to learn to make sushi tonight” .  I want them to make as much or more than I do. Not because I want to be supported, but because I don’t want to end up arguing over finances because I bought a pair of pants, or something along those lines.


I wouldn’t mind someone who has hobbies, fuck I want them to have hobbies out side me. I would like to be able to enjoy their hobbies as well though. I want to share with them my own hobbies, I want that.


I am beginning to think I am selfish though, or too insecure to be able to find this. What do you think? What is the best way to find this?


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2 comments on “Wants, Interests, and Needs

  1. There is someone on the planet for everyone. I have always preferred geeks and imo, the best place to find them is a hobby shop (sells action figures, etc). Every time I’ve been in one with my geek, the ratio of girls to guys is 1:fire code capacity minus 1. But, then again, I am decided that I like guys…always remember that no one is perfect (although he/she might be perfect for you). I really enjoy your blog – came over from Bloggess today and am gonna subscribe. pls keep writing! 🙂

    • I keep thinking maybe moving to Alaska would be good….but hy ho lol

      and thank you!

      I am so in love with her little kitteh

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