The Whole Chicken Gay thing.

As a good many of you know, it is extremely difficult to hide behind yourself, lie to yourself and let the world see the front that is what you want people to see. It is difficult to pretend to be a Christian, a Jew, a thug, a ratfink, a gambler or toad sucking wormbag, if […]

What it means to be a “cutter”

I started writing a blog the beginning of December, on a consistent basis. At this point it has become hugely inconsistent, for a few reasons. The first being I really didn’t know what to write about. I had written about self harm, about depression, about losing a kitten. I have written book reviews, I have […]

Toy Boxes

First off, an apology. I haven’t written in almost a month. Holy Fuck. I know. There have been a few things going on in my life. The first being I finally got my diagnosis for RA. Fuck. Now I want my monkey butler, and to change the name to “impending vampirism” Yes. I am ripping […]

chill…the fuck out. I just cured cancer.

  It is randomly crazy as hell what happens in my life. I tend to go from having bizarre fucking conversations at work, (aside, did you realize that eating avocados can stave off prostate cancer? Good to know right?) to randomly being bought lunch by someone. It was amazing btw.   So anyway here it […]

Wants, Interests, and Needs

This I don’t really know how to start, finish or even write.   Ever since Richard left me for Sarah, although they both say I left because I was the one to move out, I have tried to figure out what I looked for in a partner. Male, or female? White, Black, Orange? Age range? […]

0 calorie breakfast.

me :Hello? him: this is bobby me Bobby how can i help you today? him :i had a zero calorie breakfast today me: Oh? him: yes, I ate my sister me (who really wasn’t paying attention) “Oh that’s nice) him. do you know how long it took me? me, No sir? him 10, or 20 […]

Zombina, a short story

Brains, that was my first thought. Well no not really. My first real thought was something different. It went along the lines of “I thought I’d died…wasn’t I bitten? Didn’t I lay on the ground and watch my blood and my life seep through my veins into that puddle on the pavement? “ I was […]