Toy Boxes

First off, an apology. I haven’t written in almost a month. Holy Fuck. I know. There have been a few things going on in my life. The first being I finally got my diagnosis for RA. Fuck. Now I want my monkey butler, and to change the name to “impending vampirism” Yes. I am ripping […]

Wants, Interests, and Needs

This I don’t really know how to start, finish or even write.   Ever since Richard left me for Sarah, although they both say I left because I was the one to move out, I have tried to figure out what I looked for in a partner. Male, or female? White, Black, Orange? Age range? […]


So it’s Tuesdays. I realize that I said I would do weigh ins on Thursday’s, but today I happened to steal borrow a set of scales from my cousin and I have officially lost 10 lbs. Take that!!! Also, Hips 52.5. Waist 39.75 Bust 44 FUCK YEAH also, I ran two blocks last night. NO […]

I should have done this earlier

  I honestly have no idea where I started this at. But this is where I am at today, 10 days in. I do feel like I have more energy, the stomach cramps have all but stopped. I almost hung up on a customer yesterday because I had to take an emergency run to the […]

Where life doesn’t get in the way,

It has lately come to my attention a few things. One. I am absolutely fucking killer at coming up with ideas for fiction stories. Absolute shit at the execution. Two, if I look at my own history it’s pretty freaking hilarious. I mean how many 15 year olds sneak their best friend into church camp, […]