The Whole Chicken Gay thing.

As a good many of you know, it is extremely difficult to hide behind yourself, lie to yourself and let the world see the front that is what you want people to see. It is difficult to pretend to be a Christian, a Jew, a thug, a ratfink, a gambler or toad sucking wormbag, if that is not what you really are. For the past, oh…year or so a company has been saying they are passionately against homosexual relationships. I won’t say their name, mainly because I’m too lazy to google how to spell it. I’ve known about it for at least that long, and this week it became this huge uproar.

Here is the absolutely shitty thing. I am bisexual, I live an alternative lifestyle, not just within that community but within another. I have spoken blatantly about women’s rights, about women’s equality as well as anything that has to do with making another person have less rights than you do. As much as it sticks me in the craw to say this, Dan whats his face has the right to chose what he feels is right. If he is against gay marriage, or gay chicken or what ever that is his right. The freedom of speech gives him that. The same as I have the right to blog about anything I wish. He has the right to believe as he wishes. Where his rights, and mine, end however is when we try to force our opinions on others who do not wish to change their beliefs. It is no different than a Christian shoving their religion down your throat, as it is us, who are different, shoving our ways of existence down theirs.

Do I believe he’s right? No. Not at all not even in the slightest way. Do I believe he should be able to speak about what he believes? yes. Oh hell yes, mother of gods yes. I believe that he should have the right to speak what he believes. I also believe that I have the right to not darken the door of his establishment. He has that right, the same as I have the right to act upon my own beliefs.

The thing is people, we spout about how we should be allowed to marry whomever we want (and we should) we should be allowed to obey the laws of the land, not the biblical laws, yet we are all up in arms about someone speaking about their own beliefs. I don’t think he’s right. I do however think they have the absolute right to speak about them as he wishes. I cannot fathom a world where he wouldn’t be able to speak about them. To have the right to his own religion, to have his right to bear arms. I don’t think there is any reason in the world why he should not be allowed these things. We yell angrily about wanting tolerance, yet when it is in opposition to our own beliefs it is “wrong”. Death threats are placed on this man and his family. This is above and beyond wrong. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG.

I am no legal expert so I won’t go into if that breaks any laws, I will however say it is wrong. WRONG WRONG. A-moral, wrong. I don’t know about any one else, but I was raised a fuck load better than to tell someone they should die because of what they think is right. Would you tell your mother that if it was her saying this? Probably not. Remember that.


4 comments on “The Whole Chicken Gay thing.

  1. I agree that Mr. CEO has a right to his opinion and to voice it as he sees fit and desirable. I, as a consumer, have a right to choose to whom I give my money for consumer goods. I choose not to frequent CF’A due to their anti-LGBT hiring policies and political stances. (I also chose not to buy StainMaster carpet because they’re a Koch Bros. company.)

    A person who represents a company does have the right to voice their views and passions. They also have a right to suffer the consequences when consumers reject their company and products.

    Power to the people!

  2. I agree 100%. When someone forces their opinion on another with such hatred and disgust that it causes a person fear, depression, and other such horrors, then that someone should figure out another way to present their opinion…

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