Zombie Kittens, the Plague, and angels in cottonwood.

I have to admit, often in my world things go from really fucking insane to bat shit crazy to “marginally” normal. This week is the “Bat shit crazy” week, compete with black cats, and the plague. It all started when I found what I wrongly assumed was a Dead Baby Kitten under my bed, turns […]

So I then heard dead baby kittens under my bed.

a few of you may remember when I posted about this Heart Break in our world. Here is the continuing story When my cat, Snickers was in mourning for her babies that didn’t make it past their first night. And then, a few weeks ago, I told my mom. “I swear to all things holy […]

heartbreak in our world

Right at a year ago, Snickers was born into our world. a fairly loving kitty whose mom was a bitch from hell. This kitten isn’t the biggest isn’t even “the best” But this kitten was ours. Now I should say Snickers is the kitten that everyone told us was a boy. cause cats look so […]