It must be thursday

It is Thursday, so it must time for the update. Now this is the weekly update on the weight loss thing, last Thursday my measurements were
Hips 52, waist 43, Breasts 45.

This week
Hips 52 (no change there….drat)
Waist 41 (HOO FUCKING RAY!!!)
Breasts 44 (HELLS YEAH)

okay so that is a tangible result!

I am over the motherloving moon here. about ready to scream, not in the same way say if I had topped the NYT’s best seller, but you know…I’m not The Bloggess, so I am good with that. This makes me stupidly happy for her, insanely jealous of all those that got to meet her, but beyond that I am good! I got into a fight with the guy at Barnes and Nobles, when I couldn’t find her book. They had it sort of hidden behind other “more normal” books. They all glared at me like I was insane I kept ranting “IT HAS A DEAD MOUSE ON THE COVER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD”. I think they worried about my sanity,

  • and they should have
  • .

    I got home, and instantly started that sort of manic coughing that comes from mildly insane laughter. Because -her vagina is wily-. I almost peed my pants.

  • fuck
  • alright I did pee my pants. because I found in her someone who while my dad had never done the live bob cat thing he HAD exploded stink bait all over a neighbors Garments (We lived in a Mormon area …). My mom thought I had lost my mind, my daughter kept stepping back slowly. The only one that stood by me, was my dog. Bless her heart, thank god for the loyalty of Winnie.

    So what does this have to do with anything? My friend Jennie, you know @myhumanrevo, the writer at myhuman revolution she is giving away a signed copy of this book. GO ENTER!!! I am commanding you. Alright no I’m not commanding you. but I am suggesting it with a lot of enthusiasm.


    2 comments on “It must be thursday

    1. Awe! Thanks! And you are a totally inspiration! I need to get healthy too!

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