Yoda pen of awesomeness


so my best friend in the world. Chris. Is a HUGE yoda, star wars sorta fan. So when my daughter pulls that pen out of her lucky charms the other day I squeeled and stole it. Blatantly. With no qualms about doing so either.

Chris is a special man in my world, I helped sneak him into church camp, (as a girl, not a guy).
I helped him cross dress god knows how many times.

I smoked my first with him, he was there around my first date, he was the first person I told when I lost my virginity. Dudes been around ages.

So I gotta say Chris. This Yoda’s for you



2 comments on “Yoda pen of awesomeness

  1. Holy Cow! I want one. Wonder how many boxes of cereal I would have to blow through to get it!

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