heartbreak in our world

Right at a year ago, Snickers was born into our world. a fairly loving kitty whose mom was a bitch from hell.
This kitten isn’t the biggest isn’t even “the best” But this kitten was ours.

Now I should say Snickers is the kitten that everyone told us was a boy. cause cats look so much a like sex wise they were full of absolute shit.

So Imagine my surprise when my cat, ends up pregnant. Not just pregnant, but in labor. That was how much warning we actually had (cause I’m an asshole and don’t pay attention to my cat). Well no not actually. This cat is my daughters and she only tolerates me cause I am the food machine.

So last night she is in labor, life is good 4 hours sleep and I am off to work. One of the babies is born dead.

The mom, eats this baby.


she isn’t extremely attached to these babies. So…again I am awoken to what sounds like “smack smack smack” Did I mention the birthing chamber was my bed? Oh yeah. it so was.

She had eaten another one.

I now, am left with a pretty black and white kitten, no bigger than my thumb really.

And am watching the cat like a hawk, afraid she is going to eat another baby.

I don’t really know what to do about this. Except for watch, and…wait?

I have believe it or not, I always keep eyedroppers and puppy/kitten formula on hand, I have a bad habit of rescuing animals like this. but this is seriously beyond me.


3 comments on “heartbreak in our world

  1. Oh. My. God.

    In your bed?

    Oh, wow. Watch and wait is about all you CAN do at this point. Ugh.

  2. […] few of you might remember a month or so ago, I wrote about Heart Break in our world. . When my cat, Snickers was in mourning for her babies that didn’t make it past their first […]

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