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Republicans, I want you to close your eyes.

I want you to close your eyes, and imagine this.


You are a young person, sex doesn’t matter. Some grabs you as you leave work one night, takes you behind a trash can, tears off your clothes, holds a knife to your throat.


They rape you, they hit you a few times for good measure,

lets see what else. Maybe they don’t use a condom, maybe they force things into your body that isn’t just a penis.


Maybe they do other things also that makes you feel like less than a human.


you crawl out of this, you inch towards the street. And a cop finds you. Takes you to the hospital, and takes dehumanizing pictures of you naked, of the bruises, of the semen leaking out of you, the finger prints that grease left on your skin. they take tape, and pull off any stray hairs that might belong to someone else.


While you are sore, and bruised they push a speculum into you and swab for any dna that may be hidden deep within you.


the time you hear his or her voice in your head saying “I will destroy you”


after all this, imagine not only are you raped, tortured and then dehumanized by the dr’s and csi’s, you are presented a bill for what they call the “rape kit”


well if you live in georgia guess what, that is your fate. And if you cannot afford it? Your rapist will go free





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