Kansas you suck a little bit right now

The state of Kansas, has said that the drs with in this state have the right to lie to women, and men who are in the family way. They have the right to say “Your baby is fine, life is fantastic” when your baby might well have major heart defects, or be very very ill IF they think you are “at risk” for having an abortion.

Never mind that I would keep a baby, no matter what. I need to know. Do I need to be putting in a ramp into my house?

is it safe for my baby to live in this house because of animals or what have you?

I deserve the right to be prepared for my child’s birth.  Should I be moving closer to the hospital if my child is born drastically ill.

You assholes who think YOU have the right to decide what I will do? should become a woman. and go through it yourself, have your rights taken away. See how you like it

article this came from

<a href=https://www.aclu.org/blog/reproductive-freedom/kansas-pregnant-women-little-lie-your-doctor-wont-hurt-you>Dr’s can now lie</a>


10 comments on “Kansas you suck a little bit right now

  1. I read this yesterday, and my head just about exploded. As a pro-choice father of a kiddo who had serious prenatal defects – and who was fully informed about those defects and chose to have the kiddo anyway – I find this abhorrent.

    As someone who has a daughter and who loves women, however, I find it damned infuriating. To allow physicians – sadly, still a majority male field – lie to women, presuming that their moral subset is superior to that of the female patient is misogynistic at best. I guarantee you that the same people who support this bill hate Muslims, and cite the male domination of women in many Muslim nations as justification for this hatred, but they can’t see how this is the same damn thing.

    It makes me cuckoo.

  2. Ugh! This stuff is no annoying to watch from up here in Canada. In fact, sometimes our current Conservative government is just as upsetting. A-HOLES.

  3. You tell it like it is Sister!

  4. As long as people keep drinking the Republican Kool-Aid expect more of the same.

  5. I am not keen on abortions when somebody has many of them instead of being responsible about birth control. I am not saying this lightly because I have a family member who has had 4 abortions (birth control is bad for her she says).

    Don’t bring that kool-aid near me however. Who will be nursing the child for the rest of his or her lifetime and how much support will those politicians be giving you then?

    PS is it true that there is a bill that they are trying to pass prohibiting people from growing their own food? Crazy stuff that.

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