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It is Tuesday,

Work has been fantastic. That’s about all I can say about that. I’m sure you understand. I got called a “God damned fucking bitch”. That made my day. Can I just point out that it didn’t upset me at all. I gave him to a supervisor, and life was fantastic. She handled it in a far more professional way than I felt I could, I wanted to call him a cock sucking ass hat, but I refrained, because I am an adult.

Things that have made me furiously happy lately, include my daughter running to me when she needed a hug, that she stood up to a bully and was fantastic at it. I cannot explain exactly how proud that does make me. A child I could not be prouder of if my life depended on it. She is growing into such a fantastic young lady. I am proud of her and I know her father would be also.

The other thing. I damned near had a freaking full blown panic attack that could have sent me into -not a very good place- tonight. I want to thank someone for giving me the perspective that i needed to be able to not go into that place. I was close, dear god I wanted it, like all it would take to keep me breathing rationally was that. But I didn’t because I don’t need it in the same way. I am able to come here my safe place, and who ever might want to take that from me can kiss my ass. I don’t want to end up there again.

From time to time I do write, I do. I am working on a novel, “First page”  was the first couple pages of that novel

NOVEL ya’ll …that didnt happen to me, it’s fiction, and any one who thinks -that- happened to me well read it again. My name is not jennifer, and yes, I had friends in high school get knocked up, and I did see something when I was 8 that no child should see. I saw my father hold a gun on my mom and threaten to kill her. But yanno what the fuck that is normal isn’t it.

Well I am not going to be silent about it any more.

If it doesn’t fit into your perfect little world what I saw, deal with it.

I am not going to be bullied into being silent, not by any one


One comment on “It is Tuesday,

  1. Good for you! That’s awesome about your daughter! See you are doing something right! Something very right!

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