my mom is a laundromat towel stealer

I walk into the bathroom, and there is this BRIGHT RED towel on the toilet. Not exactly an odd occurrence in our household I will admit, apart from the fact i have never seen this towel before -in my life- IN MY LIFE it is red. Blood Fucking red.

the conversation goes as follows

Me:When did you steal towels?
Mom ???
me :These blood red towels,
Mom “I didn’t steal them”
me, “I’ve been with you on EVERY shopping excursion in the past 6 years, we do not now nor have we ever had, blood-red towels”.
Mom “I bought them at the thrift store for $1″
Me :Oh just admit it, you’re stealing towels you like at the laundromat because we have this pact not to BUY any new towels until the ones we have are thread bare”
her They are not new towels, nor are they stolen, I bought them at the thrift store.

bah, I think she’s just covering up her black velvet habit (that I got her into btw) With towels.

Because towels lead to metal chickens, and we ALL Know where that goes don’t we.

In other un related news, I took a pic of my cat, I have learned I can post pictures to twitter
save the fuckers to my hd then upload them here

But not directly to here, even though I have the fucking ap NOOOOOo my life wouldn’t be that simple

In other news?

The plagues of death are leaving our house

and another 1400 words, written ya’ll


6 comments on “my mom is a laundromat towel stealer

  1. She got’em at a thrift store for a $1?

    She’s good.

    And quick!

  2. Ahahahaha. Towel thief. Every shopping trip for 6 years. Also, cute random cat pic.

  3. Yea! A likely story! And yes towels lead to metal chickens! great post as always!

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