week one of the “new” me

Okay so it’s not a “new” me it’s the same ole me but I am making changes in myself to become a better me. I have gotten my nails done, my eyebrows and upper lip waxed contacts as well as a few other “improvements” that do make a change for me in such a good way. I have my mac back, I have a dog curled up beside me, and one who is ignoring me because I am the evil.

lets see, what else.Oh I am moving at work, i am doing prancing and pacing as far as my phone cord will allow me to go, I have managed to upgrade and for the most part impress my trainers at work, this is a good thing. I have also gotten an award at work, one that I don’t understand but I have been named “most helpful”. Errrr I’m not sure I get that.

I have written another 1000 words towards a novel. I also talked to possibly the most interesting man I have ever had the chance too. And Mr Cullen from Washington State? Yes YOU made my day on friday and didn’t even know it.

I have finished the hunger games, read scars, read almost, got crazy upset cause I cannot have my kindle at work. This drives me nuts.

I don’t know what else to put here. It is odd to me that there’s no negative. None. I don’t see any this week

I am taking this week as a roar

4 comments on “week one of the “new” me

  1. Roar, sister…roar!

    Sounds like things are rolling right along…good for you!

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