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Scars by @cheryrainfield

I am not really sure how to begin this review. There are several points in it that I had to put the book down I was shaking so hard. The cover is not one I really should have taken to work, as I work in a call center. I still did mind you because I am not that pc. I identified with Kendra on so many different levels. Like her, I self harm, just in a different way. It is mentioned in the book, how you cling to a certain comfort that is something you know on a deep level is bad for you.

I am, amazed at Cheryls ability to make the feelings the thoughts known with out going into horrible details. It’s evident, it is there, but you don’t see the blood the horrors that really exist with it. She still makes it clear how it all feels, how the world really does stop when that blade, when the food hits your lips, when you sleep with someone to make that end. The feeling in your gut when the silence comes and you feel safe.

I cannot put them into words exactly how she did it. But she did.

I am grateful to her on so many levels for writing the book and then giving it to us to read, to feel.

I will warn you, do not read it in a call center on the phones. It makes your customers know your voice is off.


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