The grass.

So. I heard this quote today, that said “The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence, they have just remembered to water the grass.” I cannot begin to explain how that made me sit back and go “Holy Shit Snacks”. Cause it’s the truth.

I sit here and think, “When I lose weight, I will do X with my hair, or blah blah”. But. Here’s the thing, and this is a major…Thing. I might not. I might not lose weight, I might be fat forever. So I am going to water my grass, and learn how to be enjoyable with myself. I am unique and exciting, and a good person to be around. I am the kind of person that dyes her hair tips purple, or pink. I am the sort of person that gets her chin waxed and eyebrows waxed so she feels good about herself. I am that person.

I will be getting that tattooed somewhere on my body. Somewhere I can see it often. I want to be that person who isn’t afraid to ride rollercoasters, and feels the adrenaline rush. Okay even if that person cannot spell. Yes. Oh yes, I self harm. I will also probably get a silver ribbon, tattooed somewhere on me as well. This is a roar that needs to be heard. This is my . This is my I will not stand quietly any more but I will do what makes me whole. What makes me..me. I will go to the dr. I will visit this and make myself whole in what ever way shape or form that is. I will get on anti depressant, and anti anxiety drugs. I will get my teeth pulled so my mouth doesn’t feel like giant jack hammers going off in my mouth constantly.

I will be the geek that I know I am. I am already going back to school I start in the summer. I will make fun things and make my environment rock. I will paint, I will not be shy as much or as often. I will keep up with the exercises in fact in the AM I am getting up at 5. So I can do 50 jumping jacks, push ups, Russian twists, bird dogs, squats and all of that. I will get myself in better shape.

I need you to keep me honest though. I will post pictures of my progress (Phone being purchased friday so I can post updates often). This will happen. This will be me.

T. M. This is for you


2 comments on “The grass.

  1. I love it! You can do this! We can do this together! We are very alike. We will help pull each other through to the other side which is all about health and happiness!

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