Pull up your bitch pants ladies and get ready the ride

I have to start this off with saying, i am super loving life right now.
A lot of it is down to those awesome folks I have as friends. Alright, all of it is.

So, I go out on a “date” last night, my first one in damned near 5 years.
I come home to my mom saying “we need to talk”

that is -never- good.

So when I think (cause anxiety and depression is a lying asshole) In my head that we are being evicted blah blah blah blah, and find out that some utter trashy woman made -my- child cry because of something that happened, I was angry rage mad.

I still am.

Absolutely no resolution, but I do feel better for throwing it out there and not being angry grumpy any more.

Still wearing bitch pants, and probably going to go scream at her later, and demand she either give my daughter an apology, and er cell phone back. Or $400…either way yanno

6 comments on “Pull up your bitch pants ladies and get ready the ride

  1. Yea I love the idea of wearing bitch pants! Wear them with pride! Wear them for all of us who don’t fit ours anymore and we can’t seem to find any on sale

  2. -lol-

    you too can have bitch pants Jennie…

    I bet you have them they are just hiding under last years swimsuit

  3. There are times I think I’ve worn mine out.

    I should probably consider getting a new pair.


    (Bitch pants. I like that.)

  4. I love putting on my bitch pants. They fit very, very well.

    P.S. I love Skittles too. TASTE THE RAINBOW. Especially the sour ones.

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