For those of you that know me you know all this already. I am a widow. I left England, and my husband 7 years ago.The last two years we were physically together, were pretty much filled with strife and anger. I was depressed living in England. I was 4000 miles away from my home, and didn’t know any one. So I turned to online, to people I met here. My husband didn’t understand this, so we had lots of fights. Instead of him and I working it out, and figuring what we could do to change, he screamed at me, yelled at me, to the point where I was cowering under a desk.

I cannot say it was all his fault, a lot of it was mine. Things got horrible though and I ended up saying “i’m done. ”

But before all of this happened, there was a friend, I met at the local parents day. It was amazing having a friend I could spend time with, that I could just be “me” with. Who accepted everything.

And then, I introduced her to my husband, not long afterwards, I went over, and found his keys, his cell phone, and his wallet on her microwave. I found him, naked in her bed. I was mildly shocked to say the least. I then…said “when did you two start having an affair”.

He said “we aren’t having one”. Well now I’m not stupid. I know they were.

cause dude


Anyway..4 years after I left England, I get a phone call. It was Ian, my brother in law. He said “are you alone?” I said No moms here and so is rachel he said “sit down, Rich was in an accident.”

seriously, my worlds fallen apart.

He made the last few years of his life, wonderful for him and the “friend”. He made mine a living hell.

Seriously, he went to a psych ward, I wasn’t allowed to take anti depressants. He said he would make sure I lost my daughter, and a ton of other things.

I then, found out that he was dead. I swear to what ever higher power there is, I could not bring myself to mourn that man. I do now. I actually miss talking to Him I miss things about him.


To what happened to day, 2 years ago, I get a letter saying “we need some information about yours and your husbands marriage you are entitled to a small pension, because of your husbands employment with our company blah blah blah”


I sent off the information, and waited

and waited

and waited

and waited

Finally last I got pissed off and sent an email saying “excuse me, I would like an answer”

Sarah, does not get the pension.

I do. It will be here next week.


7 comments on “Validation.

  1. A well deserved victory! Congratulations!

  2. Oh. My. God.

    I am giving you the biggest, baddest high-five I possibly can from here.

    I am so, so sorry you had to go through that…but that karma everyone always talks about?? She ain’t always a bitch is she?

    This is friggin awesome.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog, but I can’t leave without saying that I’m glad for you. No person should have to go through what he did to you, and I’m glad there is some form of compensation for you.

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