How to Impress your Trainer at work.

LUNCH!!!!! The bell was called, and we ran out to get food into our bellies. Food being important. Those that wanted to suck carcinogenic into their lungs ran outside to “fresh” air.

And that’s where the story fell apart.

The girl who sits next to me runs to her car, excited “LUNCH and SMOKE” she thinks wildly in her brain. KEYS she reaches in her pocket for.



we need those right?

she looks through her purse


no keys there. She reaches in her coat, searches, Nope none at all.

SO then she looks in her car, BUGGER there they are alright, on the front seat. so of course she panics, wtf is she gonna do???

Our trainer see’s her and says “OH gosh well lets think of a plan see if any one can help.”

She grabs two of the boys in our training class, and say “Can ya’ll help a damsel in distress?” (Okay she’s not southern and was probably a bit more ‘yo boys bang out some breakin ins”) or something along those lines.

So, Too Tall Jones, walks over in his calm, and controlled manner.. and lifted the handle, and wham, the door opened, it wasn’t locked…all along.


we died, just freakin died laughing our asses off. Cause WHO hasn’t done that?

Oh,…i SO know I have.


2 comments on “How to Impress your Trainer at work.

  1. Love that! And I bet those strong guys felt pretty important right about then….

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