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Best day ever.

Do you ever wake up and really think “oh my god this is going to be a fantastic day?”

I did this morning. I woke up my mouth hurt a little bit but no where near what it did say, Tuesday. I took my antibiotics, and put a hold on the pain killer, knowing that I had to drive to work, and I didn’t want the vicodin messing with my driving skills. I left early because we had snow here in Colorado today, again fantastic drive to work. I forgot my lunch so I went and got some cash out so I could get my lunch taken care of. Found out the company ATM dishes out $5. SERIOUSLY?? that is so nice. I bought a coffee (OMG i can drink coffee again that is awesome).

Got into the classroom, and Jessica our trainer said “Hey Jenny’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’m going to buy lunch for the class today.”

REALLY? OMG that’s awesome considering I was a slacker and didn’t have lunch today. Even better.

Nikki, the girl who sits next to me found out she got the TA assistant job in Michigan FANTASTIC that is such good news for her! Those are seriously hard to get, and she gets to continue for her Masters at the same time. Dude. That’s fantastic.

I am so happy for her.

But I learned more about my job and how the calls are handled. Seriously? I cannot wait to be on the phones for DTV. How crazy is that?

I am seriously looking forward to being on the call and hearing and helping people. I love it!

I am truly blessed today.

Just thought I’d share.


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