Copy Cat Copy Cat.

Rules we have set for ourselves are often very different than the rules we expect other people to follow. It often ends up with us being very disappointed in other people, and in ourselves. It is because we set ourselves up with high expectations, and as such we end up falling on our backsides.

I have noticed it a lot in myself, with my own writing and with the writing I read often. I spend a lot of time reading fan fiction. I can spot other peoples errors like crazy, my own not so much. I cannot see my own errors. I know they are there, but I think I am too close to my own work to spot my errors.

Copy and other editors I am beginning to see as vitally important to the writing process. The problem is, writers in general, as well as any type of artists tend to be extremely close to our work. We get hurt when someone doesn’t like our idea of perfection on the first time.We get our feelings hurt in the extreme with this. Not realizing that it’s not US that has something “wrong” with it, but something simple. A small rewording of our paragraphs to make more sense. Or anything along those lines. It is not a failure, as we often see it. (When I say “we” I mean me).

This is a fault I truly have in many different ways. Anything I do wrong is a failure in my eyes. I need to get past this. I take it too personally and I need to take a step back and realize the editor, the friend who says “Hey if you just change this for this it will make more sense”, is not saying I am a bad person and a failure. It is just that I need to edit to learn to do things better.

This is not a bad thing this is a very positive thing. I just need to make it into a positive thing. This is entirely doable. I is not that I am lacking or less than, just that I need to work on improving. I should maybe get an editor, or someone to just look at my writing and say “this is how you can improve.”

On the other hand I could just get better at it, and know what past tense, and passive voice and all the rest is. I am having too much fun writing than I am anything else. It feels so good “learning’ like this. About myself and about others.


2 comments on “Copy Cat Copy Cat.

  1. I hear you and totally agree. I know I expect much more from me. And heaven help me if I hit the send button then immediately notice I typed “quiet” when I met “quite” or something like that.

    However, if someone else does it? Eh. No big deal.


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