a little splash of gold.

I have begun quilting again. I cannot really explain why I have apart from maybe I like to be warm, or dear god I have to do something with all this fabric around my house. Either way, I have watched a lot lately and she mentioned something about Dresden plates and how to do them so they don’t utterly fuck with your head.

Okay she didn’t edit it quite like that, but I did.

So, much to the surprise of my mom, I have started to do this myself. Darn it.

I busted out the fabric and started cutting these pretty petal type shapes out of fabric, and sewing them together. It was gonna be a pillow you see, I wanted a stunning pillow on my bed. Now…it is a queen size quilt. Funny how our dreams get out of proportion sometimes isn’t it? Anyway so with this explosion I have managed to come across this spectactular peacock fabric.
That will form the petals of the what are now fans.

I am super excited.

Now I love gold, I didn’t always like gold. I thought of it as too garish and well that I wasn’t that type person. Lately with a few traveling red dress thoughts hitting my head I’ve thought “why the hell not”. Why can’t I be the gold person? With glitzy shit on her bed?

So, it’s being appliqued down with gold, copper, and silver.

In short.

I may not be a gold person, but by god my quilt is


4 comments on “a little splash of gold.

  1. Bust. The gold. OUT.

    Do it. Do it big. Do it your way.

    And look at you quilting away and I’d love to simply sew on a button. (Not really. My dry cleaner dude’ll do it for a buck or so.)

    And yeah, that traveling red dress stuff is pretty fab. Instead of a dress, I let myself buy some way too expensive animal print heels. Swore I’d never have the balls to wear’em as I pulled out the money at the register.

    Let me tell you, I wear them babies at least once a week. And they remind me I am totally worth them…and much more.

    And same goes for you. So I say…GO BIG, GO GLITZY SHIT AND GO GOLD!!

    • Too f’in right!

      Bust out the gold, the glitz, and yanno what Rock the hell out with the animal print heels!

      I have a section on my pininterest, JUST for shoes i would kill for..

      or rather mame..but definitely do bodily harm

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