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White girls may not be able to jump but we can run.

I waited a while to begin writing this. Yesterday I had possibly the single most frightening experience of my life. Rachel went missing. She and her friend went out to play, they do this all the time. Our area is safe. The kids run free range all the time they play, they run, they are healthy! Which is marginally awesome.

The rules are simple. Check in every hour, stay in pairs, don’t leave the property. If you go across the street to the school to play, come in and let us know. I am not huge into coddling my child and wrapping her in bubble wrap and keep her out of harms way. Scraped knee’s are healthy for kiddos.

So…at an hour she didn’t come and check in. But I didn’t think much of it. At two hours though I was a bit upset at her. She knows the rules. I started walking around the apartments, couldn’t find her. Which didn’t panic too much may be she went into the other girls house. Nope…they hadn’t checked in there either.


Okay, my mind started going to dark places ya’ll.

What if she had been kidnapped. What was she wearing? Shit what was she wearing??? I had no idea, what i thought she was wearing she wasn’t. Fucking bugger damnit.

Okay calm down. You go this way, I’ll go this way, we’ll meet in the middle and ham string the kiddos.

Three people separated and we met up. Nope…no kids.


Call the cops, start a search.

All of a sudden “we found the girls”.

They had met a friend from school, and walked 8 freaking blocks to his house, hung out for a few hours then came home. Wtf.

Oh this child *MIGHT* see daylight when she’s 50.

she’s safe. this is all good.

but holy crap did she scare me to death.


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