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Snape destroyed my Vagina. or something along those lines

Laying in bed the other night, I was in that odd spot between asleep and awake.

“snape ate my vagina” showed up repeatedly in my thoughts, and then to add it all together
with adding in Edward and Jacob being gay in an airport.

It was all very bizarre. I cannot even begin to describe my rambling thoughts.

Ya’ll may notice (trust me this goes together) on the side this little blinking bar, that says “music that pays”. SOPA tried to shut down the internet. Which bites.

Roll with it a bit down, till you realize people will always be asshats. Always.

What is a way to stop some forms of piracy? PAY people not to steal music. Yep.
You sign up, and buy music just like you normally do, from Itunes. -but- instead of paying money and seeing nothing but limited dls and complicated updates, and “here buy MORE”, you’ll get some even better. A link to rate music.

So follow me. You buy the new George Strait ( I don’t KNOW if there is one people, i just drool over his levi ass okay?) rate it, and then they will PAY you for rating it. Yep doesn’t suck does it?

Look I don’t care if you actually sign up (yes it’s cool) BUT in general it’s my own way of combating SOPA.

Great, stop people from stealing music, by paying them? It works in my book.

at least it’s better than internet censorship.

And snape won’t be destroying my vagina in my sleep any more


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