in which I hold a crying child. That isn’t mine.

I am facing a hard decision guys, and I am not sure what to do.

A little girl my daughter is friends with came over bawling her eyes out tonight, when asked what was wrong, she said “My sisters boyfriend has been calling me names, and poured water on me.”
Now. That doesn’t sound too bad. But, the girl in question is a little slow. She is 10 years old and cannot tell time. As far as I can tell she has never been to school. I have nothing against home schooling. I would home school my child if I didn’t have to work and felt comfortable doing that. But this little girl is socially backwards. She cannot hardly talk. It is clear that this little girl is abused at home in some way.

Here is where it boils down though. She has said that her dad has moved her in the middle of the night some times. She doesn’t know what shoe size she wears, she doesn’t have a clue if she even has a social security number. I realize I may be a bit obsessive, but my child knows my phone number, her ssn, hell she even has mine memorized.

First thing in the morning I will be going and talking to the school my daughter goes too. And finding out what I should do, or if they will look into it. Something has to be done. The girlly told me that her sisters boyfriend is hitting her as well, and probably the little boy.

I have a voice. I will use this voice for this little girl.

It just worries me.

What if he moves her in the middle of the night?


2 comments on “in which I hold a crying child. That isn’t mine.

  1. You tell Child and Family services (or whatever they call the agency in your state) and you tell them now.

    If she’s not been physically harmed yet, it’s only a matter of time.

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