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Cancer can kiss my ass.

The last memory I have of my cousin Marleen, was at her moms funeral, she had driven across 6 states, with the casket hidden under a tarp in the back end of a pickup. Yes, we are that redneck. It was breaking the law, but well it had to be done. She was tall, skinny, looked like someone should buy her a burger, and force her to eat it.

So what happened? Stomach cancer. I am not even sure what causes stomach cancer. I thought you got it from chewing snuff. According to web md, a diet low in fruit and veggies, causes it. I don’t know if that was the case, but well fine, eat your fruits and veggies folks. I don’t know what all to say about this.

There aren’t people doing “walk for stomach cancer cure” but…web MD also says half of people diagnosed with stomach cancer die from it. 50% is not good mortality rates folks, it just isn’t.
TheBloggess, had an ovary try and kill her not too long ago. And the dr said it wasn’t “necessarily” cancer. Or Necessary cancer. Is there such a thing? I really don’t know. I do know that hands down cancer, no matter what kind it is, is an evil fucking asshole that should be annihilated. Like, Bruce Willis, Armageddon type annihilated. I don’t know what else to say about it. I know the cancer is horrible and evil and should be banished. I know I am rambling, I know I’m not making sense.

I wish I could say something profound here, I’m just at a loss as to what to do, I can’t really comfort my mom. I really can’t do much else. So I am here, writing. Just rambling. It’s terrible. But that’s what I am doing. I am sitting here becoming stupidly filled with anxiety, as I read the symptoms.

plus a whole bunch that my mom deals with, that I deal with.

Holy fucktoast.

So I am panicking. What if she has it.What if she gets it.

Damned, this is ridiculous. It’s not about me at all, and yet I’m having kittens over it.


Here funny picture of a cat.

Laugh damnit


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