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SOPA and how the Internet KICKED ASS

That’s right people WE won. It may not be major it may not be health care, or anything bigger than that.
but we RALLIED the cause, we RAISED our battle flag and said
“We will not put up with your shit any more”

It says here that .

Is it over?

OH HELL NO its not they will try and sneak it over us at another date, all this has done is we have PROVEN the power of social media. WE damnit WE won this one, not them.

Yes, I think there should be laws against piracy.

Oh wait

there IS

Enforce the damned things will ya?

Holy shit snacks folks it’s not that hard. Well maybe it is, what the hell do I know?
Probably not enough, but I will say this. I am proud of us, of YOU of those of you who stood up and said “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH”.

This is important. Savor the win folks…savor it like it’s a fine damned wine.

YOU won. Now don’t stop. Don’t stop till political funding isn’t allowed by corp.

till ALL lobbyists are out of a job.

Till it’s against the law for companies to receive bail outs.

That’s what I want



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