In defiance of SOPA


SOPA or the stop internet piracy act, will not

actually stop this ya’ll, nope but it WILL shut down

you tube



all of those websites we all use day in an day out to make our lives just that little bit more enjoyable.

We will no longer be able to youtube Ricky being a chubby failed pop star, or watch the today show staff

make fools of themselves hours after we missed them because *horror of horrors* we were at work.

Yes, stealing of movies, and the like SHOULD be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. NO we

should not be able to buy the new George Strait album and make 15 copies for all of our friends.

No Suh it should NOT be allowed and people that do should be prosecuted.

But, we enjoy making music videos the way we think they should be done.

And who wouldn’t want to remake Thrilla with 500 of their closest friends? (Seriously, 500 of my closest friends) please sign me up for this you have me as your willing zombie.

now what does this picture have to do with  it?

Nothing, it’s funny as hell though isn’t it?


2 comments on “In defiance of SOPA

  1. I will become one of your 500 closest friends if you can set up the Thriller remake. I’ll be the dancing zombie with no rhythm.

    Oh, and thanks for talking about SOPA. We really need to make sure that shit don’t pass.

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