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crazy freakin life

SO…..i kinda feel like i know ya’ll.

i’ve certainly prayed in my own little way for my new found friends here.

so..i’m going to share a little tale…

about 11:30 this morning, i was greeted with the news, I was going to be sued…over a $400 credit card, that has apparently exploded to being a $4000 credit card. Yay me right?

i have a plan of attack there. something, and all that.

never the less most of the day i’ve gone from being awesomely calm to sobbing in the bathroom (so my daughter doesn’t see)

The big bang theory was a rerun, which was upsetting it’s my only comedy i watch.

I finished a fingerless glove..(my own pattern, it sucks…it would fit someone with pretty severe arthritis in their metacarpels and that’s about it) But that one is done…

i will not be finishing that pair…the yarn bites..seriously…it is the caron something or other..and it is so loosely spun, that it won’t keep gauge, no matter how hard and tight i knit (Hense the fitting issues)

So..I go to bed, and hang out watching Jay Leno…and laughed till i thought I would cry at Kathy Bates, she is so funny..

Still no sleep..so figured I’d take a bath…hang out maybe that would relax me.

during the bath….there is a knock on my door..

my neighbor across the street (who by the way, is the daughter of a pimp and one of his girls)
caveat i can’t say anything my step dad owned a house of ill repute during WWII in Italy)
would not wake up to let her sister in the house..


sister ends up at my house…calling every body and sundry trying to find someone to come pick her up.

hanging up on several of them in the process.

it’s now…2:35 in the morning, I can’t sleep..

and so i’m knitting

thank you all for listening…love you Tom you are an Awesome bartender

yay cheers

btw…my name is Lori…since..if it’s your favorite bar, every one should know your name


One comment on “crazy freakin life

  1. Blah. Unlike! I hope things get better soon.:(

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