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So Little Miss Astridr wishes to be a witch for halloween. A far cry from Astridr on
how to train your dragon, but what ever right? So I get out the black fabric, and some cool purple and green frog fabric, I put the laces on it, a delicate little scalloped ruffled hems on the bottom, delicious details that just scream CUTE

CUTE CUTE CUTE to the N’th degree

I put it on her, hand her a broom, a feather boa (In purple stripes no less) And a purple and black witches hat. It’s cute, in so many different ways it is cute.

however Little Miss Astridr puts her hands on her hips.
taps her toes.

and says “Mom, witches aren’t cute, they are scary scary scary. THIS costume is “cute”.”

So i say.

“Fine, you go trick or treating at 6 am, your 6 am persona is SCARY”

she says

“yours is scarier”



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