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so…several things happened at red tower, that just amazed the hell out of me

One…I realized i am still bleeding green and gold, but there is a serious black and white tinge to things. which is both awesome and uber scary.

second. A Laurel..held onto my garb, and pointed to it and said THIS is the right and fearless ways to do sleeves

MY Garb…dude i’m about to die.


and third.

i don’t have a house hold. meaning. i’m not “part”…sorta on the perifiery of things

i don’t want to be.

but I am

that said, I have made some amazing friends here in Meridies, and it is…my home now.

it would just kinda be nice, to have a house that is mine.

as a student, i AM balthazars, i wear his belt.

but that is a different kind of family to me.


a house…hold…

it would be nice


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