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September, blog theme


it’s ART.

okay, so now that that’s settled. my personal “art” for this month will be hats…and quilts.

i WILL Get started on that quilt of the islamic tiles, it’s going to take me ages. I know this but I will get it started.


now that i have them pretty much figured out, I’ve done a good search through etsy and found very little like this.

So…I’m going to make them and sell them on etsy. Damnit.

cause I figure, they would sell. There are TONS of persian and middle eastern people out there that would love them.

and. well…i need the money. badly.

I can make those little pill box hats, i can make the ones that look like the mongol hats.

I’ve got to do something, apparently applying for jobs isn’t working, so I’ve got to be brave and just make a go at this some how.


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