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quilting and embroidery and how they go together.

So Good morning whom ever is out there. *or really me, i know it’s just me lol*

So I have been literally on the obsessed side of Islamic tiles lately. I have a dozen or so I truly really wish to make into quilts. and I am over the top excited about it.

and it turns out! Quilting equals embroidery…and embroidery equals quilting

dude really?
No seriously

A stem stich, I use that all the flipping time.

a blanket stitch, i use that all the time also

crazy isn’t it?

So, as I’m designing the little quilt block I’m going to take to Red Tower, I am looking at it and thinking “gosh there is so much I want to do!!!!”

I know there will be applique on it, and probably trapunto…as well as embroidery and the like.

but dude…now I want to do gold work on the blanket stitch, i’m thinking it would look so pretty.

is it period?

No flipping clue.

I I doubt it though. but I think it would be highly stunning.

Wow…seriously so many projects, so very very little time I just don’t know what all to do with it.

isn’t that funny?

maybe I’m not so out of touch with the embroidery as I think i am?


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