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Cooking experiments…

So, as of late I have been craving curry, I miss the taste of England and to me that is a korma.

Tonight, I made one, I started marinating the spices and meat yesterday. It was in yogurt, the slight acid working on the meat making it soft, and delicious.

The tumeric worked a charm within, making it just elegant and delicious.

I browned the spices so the flavors delicately exploded in your mouth. my mom cooked the rice while i helped girlly do her home work…

It was plated, it smelt amazing, tasted like freaking heaven.

i thought


Both my mom, and my daughter, said the food was “mildly gross”

makes me wonder what the heck i did wrong?

couple that with the fact i’m wanting to dance, wanting to feel that grace, to TRY and be that graceful if i can manage it.

yet petrified too, because i am sure, above and beyond that i will look like a dork out there.

makes me realize i am seriously a coward…

and possibly a cooking failure


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