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Yves burgundian

What started out as a few hour project, has morphed into the coat from hell.

First the fabric didn’t match, then it went all kinds of wonky, and truthfully i am NOT happy with this coat.

But for all intents and purposes, it is finished. it is done.

I never have to make another one just like this again. THANK GOD for that.

what ever god or goddess waits on the hands of mortals who decide to make something like this THANK YOU for your patience with me, while i have cursed, screamed, gotten overly upset, thrown it, pitched fits, locked it in my truck for 3 months

Tried everything in my power not to have it any wh ere near me, now it is done

Frogs are on…velcro is on, sleeves tightened…

It’s done. I refuse to do any more on this thing, on penalty of death, dismemberment and all and all hatred of this coat.

That said…the good points of it.

My hand sewing seriously improved. Massively improved.

all but the inside seams are hand sewn, from top to bottom, all in all overly happy with this, and for that I am silly and grateful and over the top delighted about it.



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