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So….RIGHT then…

So, I found out first of all that my little letters on my arabic coolness is just a letter


I like knowing that, it literally means bugger all, it just gets filed under “coolness”

That makes me happy, very happy.

Second….i wish…for the past 400 years or so that i’ve been in the sca the lesson.

“DO NOT PUT BIAS SIDE TO BIAS SIDE” would have STUCK the hell in.


my gores will probably look 400 times better now.

mother of freaking pearl.

i feel so silly.

I need to get sewing on rachel clothes…no i really do.


having issues with that. I seem to have mastered my own rocking clothes.

but i am suddenly intimidated as all get out by making rachels.

HOW silly is that. I’ve made her what? 50 odd outfits in the 4 years i’ve been playing?

(approaching balthy and mine 3rd anniversary as teacher and student..that again is awesome, i wish i could see him on it. instead i’ll be here, dragon conning…he’ll be giving Angus his pelican…that makes me sad, and makes me want to cry, so we won’t think about that right now)

so yeah…

why am i intimidated by making rachel clothes? I really shouldn’t be.

Oh my bad…Astrid…she says her sca name is Astrid…Astrid Richardsdotter… I like that

I really really do like that.

it makes me happy too.


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