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arabic coolness, embroidery tulips ……que pasa? no habla…

So, I’m working on changing my persona…

Step one in this challenge, Figure out the back story. Sadly all I can come up with sounds like it comes from a bodice ripper novel. However, here it goes.

I am a widow (both mundanely and sca)…and my husband, god rest him, was part of the ambassador to turkeys retinue. In route he died, leaving me, and my daughter pretty much with out anything to go back to France with. the Turks, being far more hospitable than they were made out to be in France, have allowed us to stay…


So along those lines, I need new clothes.

I have now, two kaftans made, one still needs hemmed and taken care of that way, with buttons…and loops down the front, and what have you. It is a scrummy yummy shade of green…LOVE IT…

this one I am working on now is Red…(Yes back to the red) and i am embroidering it with my machine, in gold…yes…gold…

i have tulips and this awesome arabic…design..I’m not 100% sure what it means, or what it says. so I am hoping one of Jadi’s apprentices will be awesome and let me pick his brain to find out what it says, or if it’s just cool swirllies that look vaguely correct.

all in all however, which ever way it comes out, I am loving it already. It’s made out of silk noil (YES I KNOW NOT A PERIOD WEAVE it was cheap, get over it already lol)

Oh random comment, I figured out a perfectly good reason to go with a Turkish/Ottoman/Middle eastern type persona…

Adam gets to be all Templary at me. pretty cool *lol*

but anyway back to silk Noil.

it’s not a period weave, is actually pretty heavy, yet is scrummy and free floating
and I think will look 7 shades of awesomeness.

The tulips i know will work just fine, for a few reasons…One, they look pretty close to the kaftan of Sulieman the Magnificants with the tulips and cresents on it. minus stems and leaves. And since i’m not out to make an exact replica, but want something that would be nice for me to wear, and not be identical to what you see 40 other people wearing, NOTHING SUCKS worse than showing up at an event and saying “Oh…you got that from sebastian didn’t you?”

(pictures of the embroidery)


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