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Challah bread

Greetings from the land of experimentation.

from a random weaving book, I was told something looked like challah bread. Now…what on earth is this?

I still have no real clue as to it’s cultural significance, or anything along those lines. But, it is a jewish bread that is braided twice, takes a ridiculasly long amount of time tomake (it rises in the fridge over night) and apparantly makes the best french toast EVER.

So, nothing to do really, I got a recipe off the internet, and right now it is rising in the fridge….

So it sorta brings me to wonder, a ton of things, not the least being, I wonder if any one around here would buy it? I wonder where you could buy it if you were going to buy it?

it all just sort of makes me wonder, and think, and ponder.

And…well think about a few rites I’ve been meaning to do, I’ve seriously lacked my Gods and Goddess’ lately. I realize they may not need me…but I do need them. ANd i seriously need to get off my backside, and do some of these rituals i’ve been meaning to do.

So why couldn’t I do it in Challah bread? instead of braids could I not put them in symbols that mean something to me? Could I bake them in the shape of a bent tulip? could I do them in the shape of a great many things? A green man perhaps?

It has been making me wonder.


along this same lines

The dance…ahhhh the dance..

I have got to get out and start dancing. Court dancing, hafla dancing SOMETHING.

I need to do something to bring that back…

problem is i am silly and uncoordinated and look like a goof, anyway i feel like i look like a goof…

and I am crazy intimidated, seriously intimidated by some of the amazing dancers here.

Jadi for one, Margavati, for another.

Seriously talented women, I don’t want to look like a monkey in a suit next to them.


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