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seeing red

So we went from “everything is green” to seeing red this week.

red what?

Hadji’s boots for start, those have got ickle red towers appliqued on them.

But….the towers, fo Hadji’s investiture robe, 16 of the buggers.

Once i got into a rhythm they went like butter, so easy so free flowing i loved them

The first three i figured i would sob through each one of them

Red…odd..i used to hate red…red just about anything.

Red enchilada sauce, “red” chili…

red lip stick or nail polish, dear god don’t dress me in red,

but the past four years, i’ve taken to really liking it. There is something about red that satisfies some deep almost carnal desire.

a splash of red in a bow or belt, a bit of crimson on an ear ring,

Garnets, rubies, i love them all, i think they are amazing and pretty and stunning and makes me want to sing with joy.

Red frogs, red nail polish, that blush of a just bitten lip, it’s beautiful.

a stunning red orange sunset, a glowing flash of light through dimming clouds

all of that is red…

odd how as i get older, i love it more and more.

I’ve alway’s been purple and green, i still am.

I still love my fleurs,

but more so, i love tulips, love simple elegant clothing,
Love ships….

Ships….that’s Elizabeths fault that is. after all a “ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for”

I’ve felt like a ship in the harbor for a good many years.

now i’ve let loose of my moorings and find myself adrift in a beautiful world of textiles, and color.

shimmering pistachio green, and gold

GOLD oh my god, i love gold!

i’ve alway’s hated it, prefered silver, I still prefer silver


i do love gold.

it’s showy, it’s flashy it’s “look at me”

and…i wonder…secretly if i don’t have laurel wanna be tendancies.

i like my stuff being looked at and thought it was good.

however i do love the behind the scenes “work” also.


how can someone call the SCA work??? nothing in it is work to me, I love it all.


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