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a random comment was made, and it got me thinking

Apparently somewhere our ancestors wore these slippers that had embroidered soles.
which frankly i see as FREAKING AWESOME

seriously freaking awesome.

okay, so track forward, the comment was made, that they would never consider embroidering shoes, and then wearing them, but machine embroidery is a different beast all together.

which it is…it’s a machine, it doesn’t have thoughts, or feelings or what ever.
(No i know you do darling, i know you do, shhh keep working just fine for me okay?)

so..my question, IS there greater value on something you have lovingly worked by hand, stitching out the design painting with a needle?

or…is it equally as valid to spend several hours, laying out the design, figuring out WHERE you want your design elements to be, how to lay them out, what to do with them when you have them on there, digitizing them, picking out the perfect thread, and test stitching at least three or four times to get it just right, before you put it on the correct fabric, and even then watch with absolute baited breath because you KNOW It’s going to screw up, and when it doesn’t you finally calm down and breathe..

i’m just curious

which is easier?


One comment on “Embroidery….

  1. easier has little to nothing to do with value. if i make twelve of something using a mold, does that in any way negate the work? does it in any way make the beauty of the individual piece less?

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