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I am begining to wonder if embroidery (by hand) is worth it. I am apparently really crappy about it.

it’s sad, and depressing, after all it CANNOT be that flipping hard, right? i mean seriously, it can’t be that hard.

it’s sort of retarded how i feel about it, like because i can’t embroider by hand i’m some how deficient in the persona….

it’s crazy…

i mean i can do this..i know i can do this.

I have the tools to do it, i have the ability i KNOW i have the ability to do it.

but can i?

no apparently not.

i just honestly don’t understand why it doesn’t work. I wax my thread, i have tight tension, i do it all right.

and still end up with what resembles crap.

the details, that’s what i have to get right.

this is crazy mad


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