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stage two of the elizabethan convergance of me

stage two starts tonight, in the making of the corset.

I will as Elizabeth a question, as to how long it “should” be….and go from there. I know where i want it to be,

but is that “right?”

I want it down just past my belly button to try and control some of the buldge around my body.

WHich is fine.

but if that is not right, then fine, I’ll move on with this.


The corset I am not worried about, not at all actually, it’s not rocket science, it’s just some curved seams.

I will however have it lace up the front, so i can lace it myself at an event.

Gowns will lace on the side. i may end up with one or two that lace up the back, but not all told really.

anywho…Kingdom A&S is less than two weeks away, and I want to look pretty for that.

one question that’s been nagging in the back of my head.

The site is air conditioned isn’t it???


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