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So i have been making garb..and sewing…and costumng and sewing and sewing and sewing….

and as a such…i have come to a few conclusions,

One, i have hand sewn a smock, working 6 hours yesterday, and about 3 today…

so in 9 hours, I have hand sewn my first complete piece of clothing.

so my theory is this,

a tailor in the middle ages probably could make a shirt, maybe two a day.

that’s a bit heartening, when you hear of some of the wardrobes people had.

sometimes 400 dresses. (QE I for example)

it’s not, too much to think that people had several of these, at the very least the nobility.

and as in the SCA I am a Lady, i think it isn’t too much to think of that some of my clothes may not be the most fashionable, but it’s not a lot of a stretch in my mind to have several very nice outfits.



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