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Day two.

Today is day two, of rachel on ritalin.

I have a different child.

It’s hard to put it into words the exact changes.

but it’s all there.

We’ll start with the small things. She’s herself. I find that hard to explain but she is herself. She’s not the “monster” rachel she is the sweet kind helpful adorable rachel. Not the return of the living dead rachel.

She is she’s not fidgeting, she’s not flopping all over the place and she’s not fighting.

She is cheerful and happy and delightful and I am pleased.

She’s stopped arguing she’s still got tons of energy which is awesome

but it’s focused energy.

she can think out problems better. again Hurrah.

I’m so so pleased with her.

she has been a delight these past two days.

calm cool, collected.

I think she may be able to focus and read now.

which was all she needed. Was the ability to focus and let herself learn.


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