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Day three.

We woke up with an upset stomach today. A small case of throwing up. And then all was calm after a breakfast of banana, and caffeine for the small one. I think it’s a positive thing.
She seems to be adjusting fairly ish well to it. Only time will tell. We will try it for a month and see if things need to be changed.

She read while I typed a note to her teacher today. That was such a good thing to witness.
It wasn’t anything big, but simple wins. Those are important.

One day at a time I am seeing improvements in my child. This is such an absolute wonderful thing I cannot begin to describe it. A change. It’s all a lot for a little girl to be taking in, But she is taking it in and doing very well in the process.

Due to lack of Consolate’s report of birth, she may not be able to start school right away. And it can take up to 30 days to get it. But we have a plan in the mean time. Getting the dental work done that she needs…hearing vision etc all tested. Those are all things that need to be done before she can start school anyway.

And a few hours a day working on home schooling may just be the way forward. I have some ideas that may help her.

the To, With, by system, I think may be perfect for her. Memorization. She has probably some of the best memory of a kid I have ever known. Unless it is something that will upset someone, at which point her memory is a bit like a sieve. Bless her cotton socks for trying to protect people.

I have to admit I am enjoying this “new” daughter of mine. Closely we will watch all changes in her. Seeing if there is anything to do with her heart or anything. It will be learning process and it will an adventure. I don’t think really she will be on it for very long. Control will be the key. A change of diet in the new location. A new routine will be key.

Just need to get my mom on board on this.


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