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It’s been since may that i’ve updated this blog, and so much has happened.

Rachel almost failed the first grade, i pitched a fit (sic the girlfriend) and she wasn’t. and now she’s doing so amazing in the second grade, she’s got a 97% in her reading! as opposed to “she cannot read” last year. it just goes to show what an amazing teacher can do for such a talented child.

The middle of May, i got certified to do equine massage. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It rocks, I would do it for my future. It is so amazing being around these amazing animals.

July 17th, the world sorta blew apart though. Richard, my husband, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

At times yes I hated him, but I was still in love with him, he hated me. But well…and it’s caused all sorts of horrible thoughts in my head. I hate that.

hate is such a strong word, but yeah.

It’s how it is. It’s just how it is in my head.

It’s incredible to know all the thoughts I will never be able to tell him, to share with him.

Every time i tried i got rebuffed.

Anyway, onward from him.

We are going as “Homemade” as possible. We have canned food, canned pickles, canned tomatoes, canned, and canned and canned all sorts of things.

We have got wood, we have got lumber, we have built, and made and worked and it’s gotten to the point it’s exhausting, but we are working, and working and struggling.

But so many good th ings are happening as well.

it’s a blessing.


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