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should i…or shouldn’t i?

should i, send my divorce papers
Yes i should….why am i holding out?

cause i’m a vindictive bitch that’s why.

Lie to me, and well…

but then i should be over it.

i should be…3.5 years *TO THE DAY* i will point out thank you very much Sarah for reminding me
evil bitch

and so, tomorrow, i’m going to mail the papers off

I’ve decided
I’m going to do it
tomorrow, they are going to be put in an envelope and mailed to the bastard.

no i can’t think of him any other way.
I hate him with a purple passion

I want to see him crushed like the weasel he is.

But, at the same time, i want to be Lori Kelley again.

Not …Hannis


i’m not a hannis, i’m a kelley

i alway’s will be a Kelley Girl…

now there’s a formidable force to be.

a “Kelley girl”



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