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name calling, and other horrible things.

I would like to say this.
I do not deliberately not call Richard, so he can speak to his daughter.
I do not deliberately forget
but here’s a news flash

rachel has called him repeatedly.

and so far this week he has not called her. How is that fair?
Yes, i have custody of rachel, she lives with me. I am also an american citizen.
He is a british citizen

she is dual,

no I cannot live, and work in england. I can’t do it.
it’s against the law, because i’m not married to a flaming british citizen any more
i’m “seperated” what ever the fucking hell that means.

yes, the biggest problems in my life is fed up with them.
no i don’t deliberately keep rachel from them

but can’t they get off their asses and come visit rachel??
holy hell.

as to being “In love” with him after i “Messed up” a relationship with him, that’s now utter bollocks

i’ve learned what real men are.

And they are not him.

They are affectionate with out a little boy appeal for love from them.
they are strong, Men who know that it’s okay for them to be men.
Men that, while yes they are gentlemen. they know they are the ones
with the power

God damned…

no Richard is not them

Richard, is a cheating little boy

who found “mature love” apparantly with sarah

well i’m happy for them (no really i am)

i just wish they would let me live my own life

i wish i had someone who could stand by me, behind me and back me up



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