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pouting little boys.

I hate pouting little boys, i hate them with a passion i’ve figured out.
That’s why i think i have fallen so much in love with how i feel at someones feet.
Yes they may get upset
Yes, they may have attitudes
Yes…absolutely they may have etc going on in their lives

But if they are upset
If they have attitudes (i use They like i would the royal we” plural even though it is not)
then it is discussed…but nothing serious.

This is hard to say, and something i need to discuss.

I am a submissive woman, i admit this. and as such, if i screw up then i have to deal with what happens.

But what if the Dominant does does something wrong…what happens then?

Now as to everything else.

I’m confused.

i just am
there’s ten tons of emotions rolling through my body

a longing, a deep seeded longing.

But one i have no flipping clue how to react too.



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