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Learning comes in so many different forms…

I’m learning..That..I need to grow a thicker skin at times, and not get hurt.
I’m learning…that my place is one that i enjoy, and i need to find a way to really feel it
To get past that my family is in my way.

That, it would be okay, if my family saw me with a man. I don’t know how they would react if they saw what sort of man that was.

Ah…there’s a rub isn’t it?….stupid family and their racist views.

and dear god at times i have them…not so much at a race..but at the ignorance some people can show.

I also..know a few things.

i want to come home, and feel excited to see someone.

to yearn to see them, to want to run home just so i can see their face.

to look up and see them, and smile,

ah to be held, to

*sighs* damnit

i want to find my jerry


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